How It Works

NextGen Septic with Septigen™ Technology

The advanced wastewater treatment solution that saves water, saves money and saves the environment.

Simultaneous biological aerobic and anoxic treatment of the organic material breaks down solids and treats nitrogen and phosphorous through a combination of proprietary biomedia and high-capacity aeration technology.

The membrane separation phase treats water for nitrogen and phosphorous in addition to filtrating and treating any remaining suspended solids.

Ozone disinfection technology is used as a final stage to ensure treated water meets surface discharge and reuse standards.

Nextgen Community

NextGen Septic with Septigen™ Technology

The NextGen Septic System is two-stage treatment system for domestic sewage that does not need a soil leach field for wastewater treatment, as in a traditional septic tank. The sewage is collected in a tank, wherein it breaks down the solids under anoxic conditions, while the wastewater is aerated with a proprietary biomedia, present in the second compartment of the tank.

The second stage of the NextGen Septic system features or patent-pending Septigen™ Technology. Septigen technology, a separate stainless steel unit, installed either underground or above ground (70″L x 32″W x 32″H), involves a proprietary stage for treatment of nitrogen and phosphorus, a membrane and ozone disinfection systems. The low-maintenance membrane module allows water and salts to pass through while rejecting the solids, viruses, bacteria and other dissolved organic contaminants.

The treated water exiting the NextGen Septic system meets higher water quality standards than treated water leaving a typical centralized wastewater treatment plant. This treated water does not need a soil leach field to be released into the environment and can be used for irrigation purposes or surface discharged.

NextGen Retrofit

NextGen Advanced System

The NextGen Advanced system was designed for homeowners who need a value full wastewater treatment inside the system, with limited or no leach field required. The water is so clean it can be discharged into a stream, into an underground leaching chamber to replenish the aquifer, or into a small-sized leach field. The water can even be safely released into storm drains.

This system is also ideal for repairing a clogged drain field in the case that the septic tank requires replacement. The treated water output works to unclog the drain field 4-12 weeks, resulting in a long-lasting clean system and a repaired backyard.

NextGen Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System

NextGen Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) System

The NextGen ZLD system was designed for homeowner with limited drain field or surface discharge options. Once water is treated using the NextGen Advanced System with Septigen technology, the treated water is piped into a holding tank before being vaporized and released as micro-mist into the air using our ZLD unit.

NextGen Tank Requirements

NextGen Retrofit System

NextGen’s Septigen technology can be retrofitted in any approved septic tank, which eliminates the cost of excavation and tank removal, thereby saving the homeowner thousands of dollars. The retrofit package includes the NextGen Biomedia treatment retrofit and the Septigen water treatement technology.

NextGen Advanced

NextGen Community

For builders and developers who want the benefits of NextGen for multiple locations, we have created NextGen Community. This system is designed as a hybrid between a packaged treatment plant and an advanced septic tank. This is done by combining the initial phase of wastewater treatment at each location in the system, then flowing liquid to a centralized treatment area for final aeration and filtration before discharging back into irrigation systems or directly into the ground, restoring groundwater.


Whether you are repairing a failed system or building new, NextGen Septic offers advanced septic solutions that are space-efficient, environmentally-friendly, and long-lasting.


New NextGen Systems feature NextGen Biomedia and the Septigen Treatment Unit, which can be installed on top of septic tank between the tank risers.


NextGen Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Systems feature:

  1. NextGen Biomedia – installed in a standard tank – treats organic material inside the tank;
  2. Septigen Treatment Unit – treats water for nitrogen and phosphorous, and disinfects;
  3. Zero Liquid Discharge unit – converts clear, treated water into water vapor and releases mist into air.



NextGen Retrofit can be installed in an approved, existing septic tank to unclog failed leachfields and get your system running cleaner than ever before. The Septigen treatment unit can be installed near the home where water can be easily reused once soil field repair is complete.